Saturday, June 28, 2008

They're more than just your wedding guests, they're tourists.

Today's tip comes from one of my savvy bride, Amy B.

I had once told Amy about the time I thought it would be genius to put subway maps in a client's out of towner bags since they're free and all. BUT I wasn't aware they will only give you one or two maps at a time so let's just say collecting 60 maps took many trips to the subway station; One time they handed me five maps at once and I felt overly grateful.

For 70% of New York City weddings, I'd say you have a chunk if not at least a handful of guests coming in from out of town and though you'd love to hold each one's hand and walk them around the city, that week of the wedding can be busy. So why not tuck one of these Official NYC maps into each goodie bag and send them on their merry way. It lists major attractions, places to visit, subway stops, etc.

Guides can be ordered in bulks of 25 for as little as $4. I know, right?! These guides are seasonal so check to see when would be the best time to get yours ordered.

Check it out:

Everyone say, thank you, Amy B.

Btw, Amy B. is marrying Sam S. and well...all monograms don't work for invitations but hidden underneath your duvet cover, yes.

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Sabine said...

HA! that last part is too funny! Good thing to notice before sending out the invitations.