Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gift Idea - USB drives and Karaoke

This post is the first of a series called "Gift Idea." This will be a personalized flask and monogrammed tote free zone.

Clients are always asking me for unique gift ideas for either their attendants, parents or even for each other so I thought I would start posting some cool and interesting gifts I've come across. You know your friends and family the best so ultimately you'll have to decide what they'd like as a gift but I'll do my best to post a wide spectrum of gifts from the humorous to sentimental, thrifty to extravagant so that there's a wide variety of options for you to choose from!

USB flash drives ($ - $$$$)
USB flash drive sound too technical and impersonal...and geeky? Well think again. $100 bucks, no make it $1000, says everyone in your wedding party has at least two computers between home and work and who can't use more memory! Though at first it may not seem like a sentimental gift it can be if you preload a few files onto the drive like a personal thank you note, that song that brings back memories of your Europe trip together the summer before college, pictures of when you two were kids at camp...scrap the scrapbook and put together a more modern keepsake.

And now for those who want to take it up 10 notches...Yes, cufflinks for the gents and necklaces for the girls, this has been done a plenty. But what if these accessories could hold 4GB of memory? German designer, Tonia Welter has come up with a line of jewelry that does just that and in a very stylish and shiny way. Make your wedding party feel like they're characters straight out of a secret-spy Bond movie with these dual purpose, futuristic fashion pieces.
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Karaoke from your iPod ($$)

We've all sung along to songs on our iPods but wait, now we can actually sing with the correct lyrics thanks to our friends at doPi Karaoke System. You simply download the video or audio format songs from itunes or into your iPod, hook the iPod up to the doPi karaoke system, hook the doPi system to your TV or stereo and you've just converted your living room into a karaoke bar! It comes with two mics and everything. Your friends will thank you...their neighbors may hate you.
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