Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Want to be on Oxygen's Jersey Couture?

Here’s your chance to be on Jersey Couture!!

Do you need to find the perfect dress for a HUGE event coming up? Do you have a larger than life personality? Are you opinionated? Is your Sweet 16 this year? What about the homecoming dance? Your wedding? Maybe even your 50th anniversary? Whatever the event is, our experts can help you outshine the rest if you let us help you find your dress!
If you or someone you know is looking to make a grand entrance in a dress to die for, then we want to hear all about it. Jersey Couture is gearing up for another season of fashion and fun, and we are looking for huge personalities to fill some pretty incredible dresses…all you have to do is shop!
If you are a woman who lives in the tri-state area, or will be coming here to shop, and would LOVE to be on camera while we help you find your perfect fit, then send us an email at  Please include your contact info (full name, phone number, where you live, etc.), the event you are shopping for, the date of your event and a photo of yourself. We will send you an application as soon as possible.

A&E's New Series Is Casting Brides and Brides To Be Who Want To Repair A Torn Relationship With An In-Law

Check out this letter from a casting director looking to find couples and in-laws they are hoping to repair relationships with:

My name is Danielle Gervais. I’m a Casting Director at Leftfield Pictures, which produces the powerful new series, Monster In-Laws on A&E. Please don't let the provocative name fool you, this compelling series is dedicated to really helping engaged or married couples who for one reason or another, are struggling to maintain a civil relationship with an in-law (or the other way around.) We're looking for brave couples (and their in-laws) who are willing to share their stories in the hopes of not only repairing their own relationships, but also helping thousands of other families who are going through similar challenges. It's a topic that lots of couples can relate to. The time commitment is 6 full days for the family and we offer a generous financial honorarium as a "thank you" for your participation and time.

I'm including the casting notice below. This is a nationwide casting opportunity, so anyone can feel free to inquire! 

Danielle Gervais
Casting Director
Leftfield Pictures
Office: 212-564-2607, Ext. 2365
Fax: 212-967-7573

A&E's New Series "Monster In-Laws" Is Casting Brides and Brides To Be Who Want To Repair A Torn Relationship With An In-Law!

“A ground-breaking new series that explores the complex relationships between married couples and their in-laws.”

Are you struggling to maintain a relationship with an out-of-control in-law?

Is a cultural or background divide challenging your relationship?

Does the statement, “When mom/dad says no, ask grandma/grandpa” ring true in your family?

Does your mother or father-in-law still baby your husband/wife, challenge your parenting style or openly disrespect you?

If you’re desperate to repair your relationship with an in-law before it’s too late, we want to hear from you! Families who appear on the show will have the opportunity to work with a professional relationship expert who will help them to identify their issues and repair their relationships. Families who appear on the show will receive a financial honorarium as a “thank you” for their time and commitment to the show.

To apply, please fill out a brief casting questionnaire:

If you have any questions, please contact the Casting Director at

Danielle Gervais
Casting Director

Leftfield Pictures
545 8th Avenue
Suite 14 South
New York, NY 10018
Office: 212-564-2607, Ext. 2365
Fax: 212-967-7573

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Berkshire-Lenox Tour & Design Challenge

I had the great pleasure of being invited to tour some amazing properties in Lenox, MA as part of a get to know the Berkshires trip. It is the perfect 2 hour getaway from the city and the charming, local kind of town you would want your wedding guests to experience. It is a cultural mecca, consider it a more refined Woodstock!

All the planners who came on the trip had the pleasure of being hosted by different B&B's and estates. I felt extremely honored to be a guest at The Winthrop Estate. The proprietors Jamie and Ethan Berg were the greatest hosts and have a level of service, style and sophistication that is infused in every detail of your stay with them. 

As part of our trip we were asked to participate in a design challenge inspired by an invitation set we received from Crane, who is actually local to the area. We used local rentals from Classical Tents and had flowers donated to us by Sea Groatt Riccardi, a local flower wholesaler. Also I pilfered amazing antiques and decor items from around Winthrop Estate as part of my table design and really wanted to reflect the Berg's enthusiasm for interior design in my concept.  Here's how it all came together!

This is a wood table in the foyer of the Estate and chairs from their music room. I kept the 2 lamps that were already on the table. The forest green napkins are from Classical Tents as are the gold rim plates and glassware. I added a olive colored ribbon a a napkin ring. The gold candlesticks and books are all items I picked up around the house. The silver candlesticks however I brought from home and are from IKEA! I love mixing metals! Also I added the black ribbon on the candlestick to soften the look a little and add a little whimsy. I mixed the colors of the candlesticks as well to give it a slightly more fashionable and contemporary vibe. For flowers I ordered eucalyptus which I'm obsessed with at the moment and white lilies along with some Salal and Ruscus leaves for fullness. I used an antique urn as a vase for the centerpiece!
HELPFUL TIP: Look around your house for items you can use to decorate a holiday table! You'll be amazed at what you can put together from things you already have lying around the house!

Jamie let me use their family heirloom silverware that has their monogram engraved in each piece!

  And a portrait of me sitting at my table. (Had I known we would be taking photos with us in it I might have splashed on a little make up!)

Additional thank you to:

Lisa Light of Destination Bride + Lenox Chamber of Commerce for organizing the event

and Lisa Vollmer for photographing my table design!

I hope to be sharing video and additional photos of my trip and tour of some of their amazing venues with you shortly!

Lisa Vollmer Photography:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Our holiday tips in Shape's November issue!


The holidays always tend to be a stressful time so we're offering a few tips on how to at least reduce the stress of entertaining!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Also check out Shape Magzine's new iPad app. Download it for free and watch me explain some of my favorite party planning tips!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lake Como wedding video!

Testament to why everyone needs wedding video. I can't stress enough how much I love it and how different it is from photography. I have so many clients who regret not having it during their wedding. The speeches alone are reason alone to have video.

Still not convinced? Watch this wedding video from a wedding we did in Lake Como earlier this month! One of the most spectacular weddings you've ever seen I promise!

Jay Diaz from Cinevent Productions, this is magic! I showed this video to a friend and she cried and she doesn't even know the couple!

Melisa + Chris from Cinevent Productions on Vimeo.

Congrats to Melisa and Chris! No need to wish you a life of happiness because you already have it!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Shape Magazine: Saving Face!

Eeek only 5 people showed up to your party that you were expecting 20! Time for quick damage control!

Here are my tips on how to salvage the party and spin the situation in September's Shape Magazine about "Saving Face."

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wedding Insurance

I suggest wedding insurance to most of my clients and I think this weekend is a prime example of where it would come in handy. Of all the weddings we've had only one has really needed to make a claim but it's nice to have for unexpected circumstances like Hurricane Irene! Actually that one instance was also a small hurricane in Long Beach Island, NJ!

Here are a few companies I suggest:

Thanks to Jessy from Fleurs NY who inspired me to write today's post.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Marla + Mark - 632 on Hudson, NYC

632 on Hudson is easily one of my favorite venues to work with in NYC and you'll see why. There are so many beautiful antiques in the house for couples to use. Marla and Mark complimented the decor with their own beautiful and MEANINGFUL touches!

Marla and Mark are a beautiful couple! I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Mom does our famous calligraffiti on the mirrors! Their wedding was based on a beautiful concept of "We do" that incorporated their guests and family to create a communal union.

The beautiful blue portrait above the fireplace was painted by the groom's late mother. It was a great way to incorporate her memory and work into their wedding day.

Acquloina Catering did an amazing and delicious job! Look at this spread!

In memory of the bride's father who was a big time fisherman, the centerpieces incorporated beta of which who now lives with me!

Momofuku cake!!! Insane!!

photos by Joshua Zuckerman Photography