Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Style Me Pretty features Sarah Joy and David's wedding

Sarah Joy and David's wedding has received a lot of press and rightfully so! Not only was theirs a beautiful wedding but David is one of the members of Il Divo. First People.com and then InStyle Weddings but I have to say Style Me Pretty did the best job and showed the photos that really captured the day. Muah and thanks, Abby and crew at SMP :)

See all one million photos:
Sarah Joy and David - SMP Post 1
Sarah Joy and David - SMP Post 2

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gilt Groupe asks Daughter of Design about Destination Weddings

See our recent interview re Destination Weddings on Gilt Groupe:
Click Here

This article is in connection with their Bridal Sale going on this weekend. Brides stay near your computers from 3/12 to 3/14. Sale starts on Friday at 12pm ET.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Net-A-Porter's new Wedding Boutique

One of our designer friends, Michelle Rahn just alerted us to Net-A-Porter's new Wedding Boutique. For those of you who aren't familiar, Net-A-Porter is your online luxury fashion destination and now your online luxury BRIDAL fashion destination as well.

Their magazine is like a wedding stylist's look book. There are some great fashion tips to borrow from here and a few planning tips. However keep in mind this site is for the global shopper so some vendor tips may not be local but can still be inspiring!

You can find everything from Halston and Vivienne Westwood wedding dresses to Lanvin and Temperly Veils. If you're a fashionista every day of your life why would you stop at your wedding day!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces I found online right now:

Halston, Metallic jersey asymmetrical dress

Lanvin, tiered silk-gazar dress

Adam, beaded-bib necklace

Bijoux Heart, 24-karat gold-plated crystal earrings

They also have dresses for bridesmaids, mothers and guests but I'll be honest I'm not totally wild about the entire selection but it's a start and I'm looking forward to seeing what they add on! Maybe men's bridal fashion?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Laura and Eric - Studio 450, New York

So many New Yorkers flock to warmer climates in the winter but Laura and Eric who live in South Florida turned down their sunny December and headed north for a real winter wedding in NYC. Oh the grass is always greener!

To this day, this is still one of my favorite invitation sets. It has the art deco vibe of South Beach but mixed with the contemporary cleanliness of their NYC loft wedding.
Invitation set by Atelier Isabey.

The bride's vintagesque ensemble.

The bride MADE and WORE her own hairpiece out of all vintage brooches, fabrics, feathers and other textiles. She made one for each of her bridesmaids as well. They were beautiful. You like? Well you can get one too! Laura went into business after her wedding.
Check it out: Make Merry!

Photographer Heather Waraksa found this coffee table book in the hotel room and very artistically laid the jewels for this amazing accessory photo shoot.

Laura knows how to make love to the lens. Keep scrolling, you'll see what I mean.

Vintage from head to toe

Boys have to get ready too

Eric waits to see his bride for the first time

They meet!

You can't take pictures of subways and Flatiron in Miami, now can you.

Their out-of-towner guests loved the venue, Studio 450. People seriously could not stop looking out at the view.

DO have your friends officiant your wedding

HELPFUL TIP: Remember your officiants are a big part of your ceremony AND ceremony photos. I always check in with officiants to make sure they'll be nicely coordinated. Maybe suggest a pink tie for that pink color story wedding.

DO write your own vows

DO kiss like you mean it

BORROW THIS IDEA: Laura and Eric not only hung pictures of their families but even had their close friends who recently were married share their photos as well.

HELPFUL TIP: If you are displaying photos, sometimes it is nice to convert them all to black and white so they look a little more uniform and not so mumbly jumbly of a million uncoordinated colors.

From the escort cards to the menus to the table numbers, Laura designed and printed a matching set of dotted paperie to go along with her invitation set.

Totally classic white loft wedding!

HELPFUL TIP: I just lied to you. It's not white actually, though that's how most would describe it. It's really ivory. For all of those who think they want a black and white wedding, what you really may want is a black and ivory wedding. White can be too stark and ivory has a richer, creamer more upscale look to it.
HELPFUL TIP: Table top decor was kept clean, simple, modern, and very cost effective by using budget saving items like CB2 candlestick holders that are about $2 each and tall trumpet vases filled with water (free) and a small candle.

HELPFUL TIP: Rectangular tables are great for many reasons: 1) They, to me, are more contemporary and more appealing to the eye 2) You sit closer to others at the table than if it were a traditional round table so that they can chat with more people. 3) The surface area of empty table space that you need to decorate is smaller than a round table with a gaping center and so you can get away with doing less decor and save there.

Studio 450 offers existing white lounge furniture and metal coffee tables so all we did was add a few throw pillows to bring in our colors and soften the room.

HELPFUL TIP: T.J. Maxx, Ross, Marshalls,... all of these places are great places to hunt for a few accent pieces or throw pillows at a fraction of the usual price.

Small packages with a note that read "Warm Greetings" were filled with tea bags, sweet treat, and a note from the couple. We placed those on an entry table that was filled with vintage bud vases, framed photos and look close, a dotted linen. Tall curly willow branches stood behind the table with hanging votive candles.

Laura and Eric still reside in Florida but I'm hoping they make their way back up North permanently one day!

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