Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why buy when you can rent?

I have this one girlfriend whose family has ridiculous heirloom jewelry and I can only wonder, "Hmm...think she'll let me borrow that sometime ?"(how about it R.K.??)

For those of us who aren't quite as fortunate enough to have a vault full of jewels to dip into or a personal jeweler to lend us a little something sparkly for a special occassion, there's a new solution:

Adorn Brides allows brides, and for that matter mothers, bridesmaids...., to rent exquisite earrings, necklaces, and bracelets worth THOUSANDS for a small fraction of the cost. Often referred to as the Netflix of jewelry, in theory it's similar to Bag Borrow or Steal where you go online, pick the pieces you'd like and then go camp out by your mailbox and anxiously await for it to arrive.

Enter this discount code and get 10% off you order: daughterofdesign
(Allow 14 days for processing and shipping)

You'll feel special on your wedding day regardless but sprinkle a $70,000 diamond necklace around your neck and I have a feeling you might feel a smidgen special-er.

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Sabine said...

Annie - Congrats on the blog - love it!