Saturday, February 7, 2009

June Wedding at The Park Restaurant, New York

Check out this enchanting midsummer night dream wedding we recently did with our dear friends at Hatch Creative Studio! Yet another outstanding job with decor!

The Park Restaurant was a perfect venue with great backdrops for photos

how cute is this flower girl?

Wicker fans were placed on each seat to keep guests cool in the non-air conditioned garden on that warm June evening

Guests were also passed lemonade and ice tea with these super cute I do! stirrers

The guest book table was breathtaking, very natural/organic, classic and contemporary all at once

BORROW THIS IDEA: Kiss for the camera! While looking through family photos, the Bride and Groom discovered identical pictures of their parents kissing on their wedding days. We framed these photos and as couples arrived to the ceremony they were asked to "kiss for the camera" just as their parents had on their wedding day!

beautiful. elegant. simple. bouquet of Casablanca lilies ad a locket with a picture of the Bride''s grandparents on her parents' wedding day

HELPFUL TIP: To keep the event private from all the passerbyers who could peer into the street-level windows, we hung up very inexpensive muslin fabric which was literally like a $1 per yard and which went very well with the earthy tone of their decor.

BORROW THIS IDEA: To create that grand entrance into the ceremony without having our staff get caught in the pictures (I'm super photo conscious) we pinned a long ribbon to the entrace fabric and simply synchronized drawing back the fabric to create the perfect entrance for the bride and her father. It's all in the theatrics!

The groom's grandfather's prayer shawl was tied to the canopying tree branches to create a natural and meaningful chuppah

Guests walked through the beautiful atrium to pick up their escort cards and return to the garden which had been flipped from ceremony space to dinner...

and what a conversion it was!

We used a variation of round and long rectangular tables to best utilize the space and add a little variety to the look of the room. Long taper candles, spanish moss, lisianthus, casablanca lilies were ingredients we used to create this very warm and romantic ambiance.

HELPFUL TIP: We rented specialty napkins very loosely tied with long olive ribbon to create a little more texture and dimension to the table and it is a very cost effective way to add decor to the table.

BORROW THIS IDEA: As part of their wedding ceremony, the couple shared wine dipped with rosemary since the herb rosemary is the symbol of remembrance and fidelity and has been used for centuries in weddings. Guests found at each place setting a small jar of rosemary salt to tie in with the rosemary symbolism from their ceremony. During the middle ages all elegant weddings used rosemary as a favor for the wedding guests. Sprigs were dipped in gold, tied with a ribbon and presented to guests. It symbolized that although the bride and groom were leaving their friends and family to start a new life, they would never forget their loved ones.

Butterfly Clips - a variety of butterfly clips that the Bride had collected were nestled in the centerpieces moss as an accent and represented the butterfly garden the couple had visited on a special trip to Amsterdam

BORROW THIS IDEA: This seat is reserved. Guests were not assigned specific seats at their tables but only chairs for the couple and their parents were reserved with signs on the back of their chairs. For the groom's parents the signs read "Ima" and "Aba" which are Hebrew for mother and father.

Cake - by Ron Ben Israel was a 3-tiered chocolate w/hazlenut crunch filling cake. The "silver and bling" design mirrored the swag of jewels on their invitations. The cake topper was a large sugar casablanca lily similar to the one on their invitation and as the bride's bouquet

The bride had a surprise gift for her new husband, the Vespa he had been wanting to get. Guests showered them in streamers as they exited and the couple wore helmets labeled "Mr. F" and "Mrs. F" before riding off to the Gansevoort hotel in the Meatpacking district with cans trailing behind them.

Okay must tell one story about their celebrity wedding crasher before I end this entry. During the Horah, I spotted a man wearing jeans cheerfully clapping his hands near the dance floor and thought who is this wedding crasher! As I walked toward this mystery crasher I realized it was John Corbett. Sorry John, wrong wedding. This was not a big fat Greek wedding! He had been walking by The Park and was drawn in by the decor and came in to check it out but ran off when he was spotted! To this day I am still jealous of my assistant, Meaghan who he said "Hey kid, what's up" to. John, you didn't have to run off we would have loved to have you stay and join the festivities!


Jason Grubb said...

Absolutely beautiful. Yes I have photographer's envy.

Jen said...

This is such a beautiful wedding! So glad I found your blog through your sister. I love the reception space for this wedding!

Dawn said...

The cake is elegantly simple, perfectly ties into the rest of the design elements. Ron is one of my favorite cake designers and such a sweetheart!

Shannon said...

Just so you know. I'm stealing all of your beautiful, creative ideas! Out of curiosity, what was the price per person at The Park?

Anonymous said...

I am getting married here in September!! It's so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures.

Kelli Mueller said...

I can’t get enough of all these photos. Anyone can feel the sentiment from each detail. I just love the nostalgic ideas -- from the centerpiece to the bouquet! And of course, who would ever forget how the venue was transformed into a garden full of lights. It’s amazing how a wedding venue can accentuate the mood of an eventful day.

Kelli Mueller

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Annie83 said...

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Wapy Watt said...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!! I would love to mimic the curtain effect for my wedding but do you happen to have the window dimensions/measurements? And where did you get the fabric from? Thanks in advance!