Friday, October 5, 2012

Watch our eHow wedding dress and veil videos!

I recently did a series of videos for eHow about one of the most important elements of a wedding -- the wedding dress! Watch as I give you some tips to help you choose the perfect dress and look your very best on the big day!

Things to Know Before Getting Fitted for Your Wedding Dress -- powered by ehow
Find out about some important things you need to know before getting fitted for your wedding dress!

Differences in Wedding Dress Silhouettes -- powered by ehow
There are 5 different wedding dress silhouettes to choose from. Learn about differences in wedding dress silhouettes and which of these are most flattering to your figure!

Do You Need to Bring Anything Particular to Try on Wedding Dresses? -- powered by ehow
Before you go shopping for the perfect dress, there are a few things you may want to bring with you. I'll tell you what you should pack before going in search for your wedding dress!

Styles of Wedding Veils -- powered by ehow
Learn about the many different types and styles of wedding veils you can choose from!

How to Pick the Right Veil for Your Dress -- powered by ehow
Picking the right veil is one of the most important finishing details that can either make or break a dress. Here, I'll help you pick out the right veil for your wedding dress!

What Is the Difference Between Mother of the Bride Dresses and Mother of the Groom Dresses? -- powered by ehow
You may want to help choose a dress for your mother or your future mother-in-law for your big day. Here, I'll talk about the subtle differences between mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses and how they can pick a dress that stylizes well with your wedding!

What Is a Good Wedding Dress Choice for Petite Brides? -- powered by ehow
If you're a petite bride, there are a few distinct wedding dress styles that you might want to explore. Let me help you pick the right dress that will bring out your best assets!

Pregnancy Wedding Dresses -- powered by ehow
Sometimes, you may be expecting a little one on your wedding day. Watch as I talk about different dresses that suit a pregnant bride!

How to Unwrinkle a Wedding Dress -- powered by ehow
If your wedding dress gets wrinkled on the big day, don't worry! Learn how to unwrinkle a wedding dress here!

Instructions to Bustle a Gown -- powered by ehow
On your wedding day, you may want to bustle your gown to create a different look or simply for comfort. Here, I explain how to bustle your gown for your big day!

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