Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spread the love - Love Knot Ring!

Image of LOVE KNOT
LOVE KNOT - $88.00 USD

I wear one of these Guenevere Rodriguez Love Knot rings at all times! And get complimented on it at all times!

I ran into Guenevere Rodriguez along Prince and Mulberry streets years ago and instantly fell in love with her style and philosophy.

In her own words:

I Prayed for a Ring to come thru Me and this is what I got, The Love Knot Ring. I make them with Intentions to Open Your Heart to draw Love to You, from Yourself and Others. 
It's the perfect bridesmaid gift. Purchase them in advance and be sure to wear it around for a few days before gifting it. By doing this you will transfer your love and energy to whomever you gift it upon! It's a beautiful ring and sentiment!
Get it here:  Guenevere Rodriguez website 
you can find her at the Prince Street Market

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