Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Corinne + Noberto - Bowery Hotel, NYC

Corinne and Noberto, your wedding was amazing because you chose a great venue (Bowery Hotel), had an excellent photographer (Susan Stripling), looked stunning (Ines di Santo), and because you loved all the crazy ideas we threw at you!

We were tapping into Bowery's old-world vibe to create this scene of an upscale dinner party at a fictional historic South American plantation mansion.

Your pictures look like they're in an ad campaign! Seriously!

HELPFUL TIP: Maybe you have a more classic style to your invitation but it's all about accessorizing it with something like these awesome papers we found that were cut to be envelope liners. Look for what we did with the rest of the paper coming up!

Their STD chronicled the key dates in their relationship. One side was in English and the other was in Spanish for his side of the family from Argentina!

Ah! This photo gets me every time. Daddy seeing how grown up his little girl is!

BORROW THIS IDEA: For menus, we had this idea to tea stain regular paper doilies and then stamp each using a large custom made stamp with the menu that we had the calligrapher write out. Bake to dry faster! Corinne also ironed them to flatten them out. Remember to leave enough time to get the menu finalized, have your calligrapher write it out, get a stamp made and then a night of DIY fun to actually put it all together!

BORROW THIS IDEA: You know how I love calligraffiti so we came up with the idea to rent all these vintage mirrors from Props for Today (I've had other non NYC brides also just buy theirs from flea markets) and then had the calligrapher write the number on each.

HELPFUL TIP: What I want you to notice about this picture is what you DON'T see. There are outlet plugs, AC controls and other unsightly gadgets strategically hidden behind these props and frames. Make it picture perfect and try to conceal anything that could ruin the look! I don't think old plantation mansions had central air.

BORROW THIS IDEA:We ordered different men's and women's hankies and had each stitched with the guests name. Tucked inside each hankie was a handwritten letter from the bride and groom which thanked them for attending and told them what table they were going to be sat at. People of course saved these hankies and took them home as favors!

We replaced Bowery's bathroom signs with our own Latin verions!

I just absolutely love this picture. I don't know what it is about it but I think it looks so timeless!

So what do you think? Does it look like an old-world, rich South American dinner party? I think you said yes right?

BORROW THIS IDEA: We made napkin rings with the extra paper from the envelope liners!

What a gorgeous night!

I'm only mad at Corinne and Noberto for not saying hi to me when they saw me last month in Anguilla when I was there at the same hotel for a wedding! I would have loved to see you!

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