Sunday, August 8, 2010

Inside Weddings features Ann + Abbas's wedding invitations

Ann + Abbas worked with the lovely ladies at East Six to come up with this beautiful 9-piece invitation set featured in the Summer issue of Inside Weddings.

My favorite part of this invitation set had to be the belly band which had a Rumi quote chosen by the groom. "My sun has risen." One side was written in English and the other in Farsi.

This invitation set was inspired by many factors including Ann's favorite color pink, swatches of Ann's traditional Pakistani wedding dress, her gorgeous jewelry set and a variety of cultural artifacts and themes.

See it all come together on this inspiration board East Six put together. See how everything weaved together from the attire which lead to the invitation which lead to the cake which lead to.... etc.

A special congratulations to Ann + Abbas who just welcomed their 8lb baby girl on 8/6/10!

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