Friday, February 12, 2010

Google's wedding document templates

Google has come out with wedding document templates. I didn't end that sentence with an exclamation mark on purpose. I like the concept they're reaching for and I'm sure it'll develop and improve as it is used and they receive feedback from users but I'm going to be honest, I think it's a little inadequate for them to be launching already. I think they need to advise a few more people who have been in the trenches of planning.

Here is my feedback:

Guest List

+ You can easily send out an address form for your guests to fill out that goes right back to your spread sheet and address book
+ You can add and customize the template as you wish.
- But you need to use Google contacts or gmail to easily use this feature.
- For the address form you should have two cells for first name and last name. It will make sorting a million times easier
- Their "elegant" themes for the emailer are not so elegant. Google, remember this is for a wedding not a weekend bbq.

Budget Estimator
+ I like this for a quickie overview.
- But of course for each couple it's different; what counts most and where do they want to invest their budget more? Are you foodies? Big on decor? Gotta have that dress?

+ This budget is a great check list of the little things you will have to consider for your wedding and budget: aisle runners, guest parking, childcare...
- It's a bit micro for my tastes. I'm all for being detailed but I think for a budget sheet this breaks out the cost of each category a bit too much.
- They spelled altar as "alter"! I know, I'm just being my type A self right now.

+ The cells automatically change color depending on what stage you're at. If you're in "progress" it's yellow, "late" pink,...
- I thought they would add some standard to-do's for starters but it's a clean slate for you to fill in.

+ ... I can't think of anything positive to say
- That's all that's important? How many hours and cost for what - site, per person, minimum f&b? What about capacity? Oh man, Google, call me. My venue research sheet has about 50 more questions that you can borrow some from.

Photographer, Cake, Dress, etc.
+ I suppose these are a good start but...
- ...user beware! There are tons of more questions to ask.

Music List
+ It gives a general idea of a few places you will need music.
- They should also add a "do not play list"

Photo List
+ It's a good explanation for couples wondering what a photo list is and gives good general suggestions of groupings

Wedding Day Time line
+ Good overview for someone who wants to know the general flow of a wedding.
- This is somewhere that I like to get super micro on the timing and details. But that's why our time lines average about 10 pages and that's single spaced people.

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