Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Avatar" wedding ceremony idea

So sometimes my imagination reaches a little too far and this might be one of those cases but someone out there beneath the pale moonlight might think this is humorous enough to try...

I finally saw Avatar last night and of course throughout the movie was thinking of a) Halloween costume ideas for this year and b) wedding ideas.

So what if during your wedding you and your fiance(e) did an "Avatar bonding ceremony." Here's how it would go down:

Your officiant would ask you to bond hair-to-hair at which time the groom reveals his "ponytail" from the back of his tux jacket and the bride, maybe have a small strand tied under her hair-do that you can easily release and then recite to each other: "Oel ngati kameie" which is a critical line from the movie and means "I see you" literally but more abstractly means to see into someone, refers to their soul, *understanding*. And the hair-to-hair bond also means you've chosen your one partner for life. It's kind of romantic, no?

Supplies: For the ponytail you can either go to a wig shop or costume shop and get one of those Manchu queues or use a strand of black rope. Then just fray the tip a bit and spray paint it white at the one end. Then you need to adhere somehow a strong magnet to both ends so that during the bonding ceremony they'll connect.

And yes, I was thinking of all this while watching the movie.

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laura@makemerry! said...

This is definitely your craziest idea yet, Annie ;)