Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SAVE THE DATE! War Memorial Opera House, SF

I rarely write about weddings until it's already passed and I can post the pictures but I just can't contain myself on this one! Next July, Daughter of Design will be doing a wedding at the War Memorial Opera House, home of the San Francisco Opera and Ballet. They only allow two weddings per year so to be one of them is an extreme honor. The couple are season ticket holders and actually came here to an opera on their first date so how perfect is that!

For me this has extra significance in that I started my event career here nearly 10 years ago. I worked in Marketing and Special Events for 2 years and have the warmest and fondest memories of the San Francisco Opera and my old "office". It's like coming home...

Check back here July 2010 for photos!

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Kisha of Sahara Blue said...

oh my gosh what a STUNNING location! just from those 2 photos you've shown of the inside i'm head over heels - this wedding will be jaw dropping!

oh, and how very cool to be one of only 2 weddings!