Friday, January 2, 2009 - music play list assistance

I am a big big big fan of this music website called Pandora ( Unlike other internet radios, it plays specific songs and artists you input and then based on your selection Pandora suggests other songs that it guesses you may like. As you're listening to a song you have the option to thumbs up or thumbs down on it to let the site know if it's a hit or miss and Pandora will refilter what's played based on your feedback; it's kind of like a choose your own adventure book but for music.

It's a fantastic way to discover new music but also a great way to remember ones you've forgotten. I always see couples struggling to remember that song they heard in the car that they liked or that one song, you know, um it know? With Pandora you could enter a type of song like Runaround Sue and it will help you remember you also loved Pretty Little Angel Eyes, Dream Lover and Come Go With Me.

Check it out, best part it's free! It just may help you put together that wedding music play list for your dj or band.

p.s. Start early on your music list! Keep a notes section in your phone or somewhere to jot down songs that you want to remember.